Here at Southwest Fertilizer we have one of the largest and most diverse organic selections in
the region.  Our section also continues to expand, and in the winter of 2012 we moved our
organic section to the front of the store, opposite the lawn and garden section.  Organics play
a key role in soil health, salt reduction, water conservation, and disease resistance.  Organics
also often times offer a safer alternative to some chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Brands that we carry include:

-Earth Essentials (our own brand of all natural fertilizer)
-Micro Life
-Nature's Guide
-Rabbit Hill Farms
-Natural Guard
-Soil Mender
-Urban Farms
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Southwest Fertilizer
5828 Bissonnet
Houston, TX  77081

Lawn and Garden Supplies such as Fertilizers and Organic products are sold in bag form